8 Feeding Items I Needed That Weren’t On My Registry

I have yet to use the “snot sucker” aspirator that I was gifted at my baby shower (although maybe I will if daughter gets a cold?). In fact, there are several things I bought or received during pregnancy that I thought I just HAD to have, but surprisingly haven’t used *at all*. Like pacifiers–I have at least three of them. Unpredictable darling daughter rejects all of them 90% of the time, and just passionately sucks on her hands instead. Go figure. Good thing the pacifiers didn’t cost much. Perhaps the most paraphernalia that I accumulated was what I used during feeding time. I breastfed, formula fed, AND pumped, and the following items are what I actually needed regardless of how she ate:


A portable plastic caddy with compartments.I didn’t even know I needed this but it is *fantastic*.
I filled it with nursing supplies and could bring it wherever she ate. It contains: lotion, hand sanitizer, lanolin, pacifier, nursing pads, suction bulb, bib, burp rag, baby nail clippers, thermometer for her and snacks for me. No need to get up for anything but the bathroom during “cluster feeds”, if you have a pitcher of water handy.

Speaking of which, you may also need a large water pitcher with a secure lid and a straw for hands-free hydration–nursing takes a lot out of ya. Literally. I got one from the hospital I delivered baby at.

A nursing pillow.This WAS on my registry but I bought my own. Hubby loved it. It kept wee one safely and cozily cradled so he wasn’t struggling to keep her squirmy little butt in his lap while trying to feed her. There is a website offering free nursing pillows with $15 shipping, with the use of a promo code. Here is where you can get a code (it may expire periodically): http://www.retailmenot.com/view/nursingpillow.com

Disposable AND non disposable nursing pads. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, you’ll likely leak post-partum anyway. The sticky disposables are great if you have a nightgown or something without a shelf bra to hold a pad in. The washable ones are reusable, therefore a better deal in the long run.

A small handheld breast pump. There is a possibility you may never need it. But if you want baby to have breastmilk and someone else is feeding them, you are trying to increase your supply in between feeds, or if you will be away for awhile and want to prevent engorgement, an inexpensive pump is just peachy.

A bottle drying rack. I was surprised that I really needed this. Unless you breastfeed 100% exclusively and never use a bottle or pump, chances are bottle and/or pump parts will be littering your counter-top at least sometimes, and not drying properly just sitting on a towel–which is unsanitary. A rack allows air to get to the parts better.

Plastic-backed terrycloth bibs. Get a whole bunch. The ones with velcro closures that are machine-washable are great, and make sure they get their own laundry bag in the wash unless you want the velcro attacking anything polyester. (Speaking from experience…I owe an apology to my husband’s shorts).

Old rags. Lots and LOTS of them. No need for fancy burp cloths unless you just prefer them. Old washcloths are soft, absorbent and disposable.

Do you have a suggestion to add to this list? Comment below!


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