Just enjoying the naptime…


Ah, thank goodness for long naps! I mean my kiddo’s, not mine, although I could use one too…(couldn’t we all?). There’s nothing better than a rare 1.5-2 hours of naptime, because not only do I get a chance to poop in silence while poring over magazines with unattainable home-decorating standards, but darling daughter wakes up in the jolliest giggly mood …and we’re all happy.

Anyway, just a quick note here to say I’m not dropping off the face of the earth if you don’t see some new posts soon. (Although I might be buried under some dishes and laundry). One of my younger sisters is getting married shortly, and I’ll be helping her prepare/revel in the celebration! I’m also trying some new ways to make money from home, and working on an art piece for a gallery showing, which is very exciting and nerve-wracking. Between these things and of course keeping up with kiddo–who is more mischievous by the minute–regular posting may not resume for awhile.

But I’ll be back, so stay “tuned”! 🙂

~The Puzzled Mom

Image by clarita at MorgueFile.com


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