From Their Perspective


You know something? Parenting is hard. The sleepless nights, the worry, the noise and tantrums, the flu bugs, the tough decisions…it’s enough to crumple a tough person into a stressed-out little ball sometimes. So what could be more trying than this very important job we have as moms and dads?

How about being a child? Likely none of us remember much from before age two or three. What was it like to be an infant? They have likes and dislikes and fears they can’t communicate–and they experiencing the same emotions as we do, but with an underdeveloped ability to cope with them. And sometimes when they lose their patience, we lose ours. Lately my kiddo is learning to assert herself, and I find myself losing patience more often than I should. To better handle when wee one is being unreasonable (i.e., tantrumming over something tiny), I need to try to see things from her point of view. What may be silly and small to me, is probably momentarily devastating to her, because she doesn’t know how to handle it.

In this vein, I just ran across a short insightful blog post on life from a tot’s perspective: as a challenging, frustrating and exhilarating experience. Read here: It’s Hard For Them Too

What’s the “silliest” thing your kiddo has thrown a tantrum over? Got any tips you use to help them (and you) calm down? Feel free to comment below!

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